About the project

The "Life from Soil" project is a collaborative approach of 9 partners from 9 European countries. They want to support local sustainability, rural communities and vulnerable target groups through tailored, open-source and tested education processes. The partnership represent all geographic parts of European Union and various non-formal and formal educators active in agricultural, horticultural and environmental sectors. Their target groups range from children, high school and university students through vulnerable groups of rural and city population as well as unemployed, seniors, prisoners up to own staff and teachers, trainers, educators involved in adult and youth education.


The overall objective of the project is : Increase the skills and abilities of vulnerable groups of people to be self-dependent, employable, active and competitive in their effort to have and live a sustainable, fruitful and rewarding life.

Specific objectives


Increase the skills and abilities of trainers, teachers, practitioners and representatives of local municipalities in areas of formal and non-formal education.


Develop innovative learning and teaching tools that will fulfill the overall objective and satisfy the needs of the trainers and learners in area of social enterprises.


The project aims to produce 3 intellectual outputs : a best practice guidebook, modular training course and a demonstration testing site for practical evaluation of educational tools. Through short term staff training and skilled trainer mobilities the project envisages active participation of 200 learners (60 own staff of partners, 60 educators, teachers and local activists, at least 60 high school and university students and at least 20 people participating in demonstration sites).
The project will be organized in Work Packages whose management will be conducted by various project partners. The project activities in those work packages are primarily focused on design, preparation, testing and dissemination of educational tools ( best practice guidebook, modular training course and a demonstration testing site for practical evaluation of educational tools).
In order to share knowledge, develop skills and establish twinning and lasting relations the project will organize 3 types of transnational learning/teaching activities :


Training of trainers

training of trainers and educators through site visits and expressed needs

Local trainings

local training (mixed staff and beneficiaries) provided by skilled trainers of partners


skilled partner trainers delivering tailored training to 3  demonstration sites

The project will organize various dissemination platforms, among them 3 dissemination events (2 specific workshops for dissemination of educational tools) and a final dissemination and awareness raising conference.
The project outcomes will be demonstrated and tested increase of skills of trainers, educators and activities involved in adult education. Another result is the production of a training package based on best practices and modular training course aiming to influence European educational area. The last result concerns project impact : proved small scale initiative that using and testing project outputs will achieve economic and social sustainability.