Call for case studies

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Contributors

Our project Life From Soil consortia in order to maximize the access to best practices and useful innovations and general information and news decided to provide downloadable templates for our products (intellectual outputs) – The LFS Guidebook and LFS Modular Training Courses.

After receiving very positive references to our Guidebook and lively interest to disseminate it we both provided in our webpage the links to do so (download them) and opportunity to enrich, enlarge them through your kind future contribution.

Follow please these simple steps :

  1. Download the Guidebook Case Study Template or Modular Training Course Templates ((MS Word files)

  2. Fill the necessary data and images (in JPG format)

  3. Save the filled forms in MS Word docx version

  4. Reduce the file size to 5Mb or less (due to the insertion of images)

  5. Upload the filled file to the relevant place

Long case study

01_A_Module outline and content_template



Call for case studies